DEAL — Police have pointed to a recent round of high end car thefts along the Jersey Shore, urging residents not to leave their cars unlocked, with keys or fobs inside.

Deal police said burglars attempted to steal several luxury vehicles in the borough and "several surrounding jurisdictions" Friday night, according to the department's message online. The post did not give further details about the attempted thefts.

"There is NO EXCUSE for leaving your vehicle unlocked with the keys inside. By doing so, YOU are creating an environment ripe for criminal activity and are inviting a very bad element into our community," Deal police wrote on their Facebook page.

Last month, Monmouth County Prosecutor Christopher Gramiccioni told the Asbury Park Press that Monmouth County is among five New Jersey counties that accounted for 75% of high end car thefts between 2016 and 2019. The same report said Gramiccioni said in at least 60% of those thefts, key fobs were left inside the vehicle.

In 2018, out of 59 cars stolen in Monmouth County, Gramiccioni said in a Facebook post at that timethat 47 had been left unlocked with key fobs inside.

Back in February, Holmdel police issued a similar warning, for residents not to leave keys or fobs inside their vehicles, while reporting two stolen vehicles — a Mercedes and an Audi A6 — and a burglarized car within hours of each other one early morning.

Police said it is a preventable crime that not only protects vehicles but also officers who put themselves at risk going after criminals they say have "no regard for the lives and safety of our officers, you, or your family."

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