You can easily tell that it is election in New Jersey season because there are political commercials everywhere.

Before you get your panties in a wad, this piece will not promote the idea of avoiding politics all together.

I just have a bit of an issue with the types of commercials that are airing whenever it is related to any upcoming election.

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Whether it is a commercial on television, the radio or even online, they all have the same set up.

They start with a smear campaign of their opponent and all the issues they would bring to office if elected.

This is then followed by how they themselves are angelic figures that would solve all of our problems.

Why do you need the smear?

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Whenever I have encountered someone who spends more time focusing on the flaws of others versus bettering themselves, it is usually a red flag and the friendship doesn't usually last long.

But let's allow our leaders, our representatives to behave in a manner similar to a group of high school friends??

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Plus, all of it becomes white noise. Group A says that Group B is the worst. The other group calls the first group crooked in response.

It gets kind of tough when there are always negative accusations circulating -  you never really know what to believe.

So congratulations. Your smear campaign is rendered useless because while watching I always ask: how much of this is actually true?

You know how we fix it? We take all of the unnecessary noise out.

Here is what my dad has been saying for years and yes, it is the solution:

"There are no sponsors and no long road trips going from city to city. Simply have both candidates state their beliefs and upcoming policies, debate with one another on the issues and then the people vote for the person they believe is best."


I don't really know of this type of set up would ever be possible because money and power have become big parts of our election process.

So fine. If you want to travel to see the people in each city face to face, have at it.  If you need sponsors to do so, fine.

But focus on yourself and why you are the better candidate. Be ready to answer the difficult questions that the people will want to know as well as questions from your opponent.

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(Somerset County Board of Elections)

Besides healthy and productive political discussion, that is all that should leave your lips regarding the other nominees.

Seriously. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all.

We can still have politics and elections and debates while not stooping so low to make a point to disrespect the other person involved.

Please don't make me call your mothers.

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