No more single-use bags.

Red Bank has passed a ban plastic, and the town got it done pretty easily with hardly any opposition.

Starting in September of 2020, Red Bank stores will be prohibited from giving customers plastic bags and styrofoam food containers. If businesses opt to use paper bags, they must be made with no less than 40% recycled content.

The executive vice president of Red Bank's only supermarket, Circus Foodtown told Red Bank Green:

We were never really about arguing about the ban on plastic bags. We get it. It should happen. But it should happen on a broader scope. It should happen at a statewide level rather than a municipal level.

Some feel that nearby supermarkets will have an advantage since the ban only applies to Red Bank. The EVP of Circus Foodtown feels that this plastic ban will drive their expense line up.

Red Bank Mayor Pasquale Menna told Red Bank Green that the reason they are holding off on issuing fines for a year is so hopefully, the state will catch up with the plastic ban and restrict all New Jersey businesses.

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