The COVID-19 Pandemic stunk...and still stinks.

But there is a small silver lining: there were a lot of new things that came out of it!

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There were new concepts and creations such as remote work, contactless delivery and a very popular attraction in Red Bank known as the Broadwalk.

Not familiar? No problem!

According to, it is being described as, "a sprawling pedestrian plaza that mimicked the style and allure of many European old cities."

Traffic is closed off on Broad Street between White and Front streets so as you explore, you will see restaurants, outdoor and indoor dining options and shops.

Here, take a look:

Google Maps
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And the term "Broadwalk" came from combining "Broad Street" and "Boardwalk" together for their own version of a Jersey Shore Broadwalk! Get it now?

Well this Broadwalk has become an enjoyable Spring, Summer and Fall attraction that could be come an annual event....but more on this later.

There are various types of businesses and restaurants featured in this one block area.

Take a look:

Businesses On Red Bank's Broadwalk Pedestrian Plaza

So many choices!

Well I just discovered some very exciting news about this Red Bank attraction.

Back in August, I told you that this Red Bank attraction would remain open until September 30th of 2021.

However, I got in touch with a representative of the Red Bank Borough who just confirmed that the Broadwalk is being extended and will remain open until October 31st.

Last year, Broadwalk did set up outdoor heaters so you can enjoy this lovely plaza as the weather gets cooler in the Fall.

Unfortunately, this will be the Broadwalk's last extension in 2021 because not long after, a sewer replacement project is scheduled to begin so Broad Street won't be usable for businesses.

Back in August, I also revealed that there is talk of Red Bank's Broadwalk becoming an annual tradition.

As of now, no solid decision has been made for 2022 but according to my source, people at the borough are very happy with how this Broadwalk has turned out and the business it brings to to the town.

I expect a decision on this to officially come through in the beginning of next year.

But for now, enjoy the extra 31 days the Broadwalk will be open as spooky season officially ensues.

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