Driving on our NJ roads can often test our patience and in many cases our vehicles are also put to the test.  You know that moment your tire slams into a pot-hole, you grip the wheel, your body stiffens and out comes your favorite curse word or phrase depending on the impact.  When you’re lucky enough to avoid a pot-hole, you feel as if you just scored a 500 point bonus in the Pole Position racing game.  However, some pot-holes are unavoidable.  Hitting that inevitable pot-hole can cause tire damage, bend the rims, throw off the alignment and break suspension components, which can all be very costly repairs.  Not to mention the aggravation of having to change your tire on the side of the road or wait for a tow-truck.  As we enter snow season, the plows are going to beat up our roads even more, which means more pot-holes and driving stress.  There is something we can do to help minimize the pot-hole problems. Report it!  The NJ Department of Transportation has provided us with a convenient electronic on-line form, where we can quickly report the location and problem.  In addition to pot-holes, the same on-line form can be used to report deer carcass, roadway debris and traffic light malfunctions. Click HERE to access the form and drive safe.

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