It's the biggest winter storm forecasted since the January 4 blizzard that piled at least a foot of snow across the Jersey Shore but the weather predicted for the next 48-hours, while mostly rain and wind, still has the chance to create a mess for us.

Being safe and prepared is better than not ten times out of ten so be sure to put away anything loose in the yard and plan to stay indoors if you can while the worst of the storm hits us or at the very least leave early if you need to be somewhere.

The forecast for the Jersey Shore between tonight and Saturday morning from Dan Zarrow calls for periods of heavy rain, possible flooding, wind gusts mostly in the 20-30 mph range and some slippery road conditions.

As a result of the nasty weather heading our way, local officials are also offering some helpful tips to stay safe during the storm.

"Preparation is essential, and we're asking our customers to take just a few minutes to address some key items prior to the anticipated strong storm," Jim Mastrokalos, Director of Operations for SUEZ South Jersey.

He assures customers that they'll be keeping their eyes on the storm as well and will respond as soon as possible should the situation warrant but also encourages everyone to have the basic essentials at home should the power go out.

"SUEZ will do its best to keep the water flowing during this event and is taking specific measures in preparation, including testing backup generators, ensuring that water storage facilities are full and maintaining an extra supply of water treatment compounds," Mastrokalos said.

Some of the advice from SUEZ is to clean any containers with soap and water before filling them up with drinking water.

Here is some very helpful pieces of advice from the Toms River Office of Emergency Management:


Are you ready for the storm? Stay with us as we bring you the latest News, Traffic and of course weather updates throughout the storm.

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