Here is scientific proof that men are the weaker sex. Now that I have your attention, here are the details.

It turns out that some studies have found that estrogen, the female sex hormone has "antiviral effects against the influenza A virus", according to experts at Johns Hopkins University, meaning women are better protected from many of the symptoms of the flu.

This is yet another scientific example of how women, at least from a standpoint of health, are the stronger sex, according to

But wait a minute. If we are admitting that women are stronger when it comes to health, and it looks like we don't have much choice about that, doesn't the presence of estrogen and it's protection against flu symptoms actually scientifically prove that the man-flu is a real thing and it is in fact worse for guys?

I'm no scientist and I'm certainly no doctor, but have I not proved here what men have been saying for decades...that the man flu is real. Finally, justification for all the big baby, whining, sneezing, coughing members of the man club I call friends!