November 1 came with a story and another on November 2 out of the WOBM Newsroom on why men grow facial hair during the month of November and it's to raise support for those men battling the fight of their life in cancer or a mental health disorder.

I grew out a beard throughout the month to show my support for those battling cancer, a mental health illness or those men going through a tough time right now and perhaps I could be a friend from afar.

Many individuals, groups, organizations, offices, family, friends across New Jersey, the nation and the world took part in this pledge and some who had the financial means were able to donate to a worth charitable cause.

There are many ways you can still help and show support, not just during the month of November which has now passed, but throughout the year.

You don't need to grow facial hair, sometimes all it takes is your listening ear and undivided attention.

Did you grow out your facial hair? If you couldn't were you able to show support for someone who did or be a friendly presence in the life of someone who's struggling at this very moment?

In college one of the questions we had to answer was 'what does it mean to be human?', well, it means treating others the way you yourself like to be treated.

If you see someone struggling, sometimes all it takes is a kind word or gesture to show you care and brighten up their day.

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