After a long winter, the first thing we are all waiting to do in the summer is to get a little Vitamin D.  We patiently wait all season to get outdoors.

You guessed it, summer means plenty of time outdoors.

Most of the time, at the Jersey Shore, we are spending our time in the direct sun at the beach.

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This is alarming and always makes me think twice when I go outside, and not just going outside for some beach time, but going out for a run or a walk.

According to the AAD, or the American Academy of Dermatology, skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States.  Another alarming state according to the AAD, “one in five Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime.”

Jens Kreuter, Unsplash
Jens Kreuter, Unsplash

If you’re not one to wear sunscreen, this may be the push to help you make the decision to lather up today.

You want to keep yourself protected as much as possible in the summer sun.  Especially during the hours when the UV index begins to climb, is especially high, and the burn time is within minutes.

With that being said, you definitely don’t want to hear about one of your sunscreens ending up on a recall list, for a cancer-causing chemical.

According to the FDA's Recall information:

Edgewell Personal Care Company…today issued a voluntary nationwide recall of three batches of Banana Boat Hair & Scalp Sunscreen Spray SPF 30 to the consumer level as outlined in the table below.


Here are the Banana Boat Products currently being recalled:

UPC Codes: 0-79656-04041-8

Product: Banana Boat Hair & Scalp Spray SPF 30

The Lot Codes: 20016AF, 20084BF, 21139AF, and the expirations in order are 12/2022, 2/2023, and 4/2024 all in six-ounce bottles.

The reason for the recall is that there is a trace of benzene, which is a chemical known to cause cancer, can be found in the product, according to the FDA.  They also stated something very important, this is not an ingredient.  They are not worried about the exposure levels, but there is a voluntary recall if you are not comfortable with this.

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