New Jersey prides itself on great beaches, so this should make us happy. A well-known beach website has named one New Jersey beach the best beach on the entire East Coast.

Of course, we are from the Garden State, so there must be something we can find wrong with this news, right?

It turns out that the greedy New Jersey lovers among us will make note of the fact that "only" one New Jersey beach made the top 15, but let's rejoice in the fact that the one beach that did top the list.

Last year, Ocean City made the Beach Fix list.

However, this year the family-friendly South Jersey beach town didn't make the list.

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That leaves the door open for great beaches like Point Pleasant Beach, Sandy Hook, Belmar, Avalon, and Atlantic City, but none of those great places made the list either.

Best Beach in New Jersey

So if you're thinking it must be Cape May because it's always Cape May, well you're right. Our favorite Victorian town made this year's list.

Best Beach on the East Coast

Cape May came in at #2, just below South Beach, Tybee Island, Georgia. Tybee Island does have palm trees, so I guess that's cool.

tybee island georgia
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Cape May is known for its pristine beaches and historic charms which keeps it at the top of many lists.

Beach Fix goes on to say, "Cape May has several beach entrances, denoted by the street running perpendicular to the beach. This provides visitors with plenty of room to spread out and enjoy the scenic beaches."

Of course, there could be an argument made for a dozen other Jersey Shore beaches, but this is not a time for argument. It's a time for celebration. New Jersey topped a list, and it's a list you actually want to be on the top of.

What do our lovely visitors think of our beaches?

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