Just yesterday I was driving home from work and saw a cute little dog with its head out the driver's side window.

Sure, it's cute, and maybe little Fido loves the wind in his fur, but the truth is, it's unsafe for all of us, and lawmakers have noticed.

You may think it's not bothering anyone, but one wrong move or unplanned slam of the brakes and your puppy goes from adorable pet to furry projectile.

Not to mention that your pooch in the driver's seat could be more distracting than texting on your cell.

According to ABC News, a proposed new law means drivers could face fines from $250-$1,000 for having unrestrained pets in the car.

I'm okay with this one. It's really all about keeping your pets (and everyone on the road) safe. You wouldn't let a child drive in your lap, so why let your pet?

Do you let your dog drive in your lap? What do you think of this proposed law? Share your thoughts below!