How many times have you driven by or floated on the Hudson River and thought, "at least I don't have to swim in it".  Well, this little guy swam across the whole thing all by himself.  Why?  He wanted to be in Jersey really, really bad.

Michael Phelps has nothing on this sweet fur baby. He got away from his owner and jumped into the ice cold Hudson River to take a dip.  Except once he saw Jersey on the other side, he just kept going...and going...and going until he was in the diner capital of world.  Yes, this puppy swam across the Hudson, alone in the winter and is alive and well.

Photo courtesy of Edgewater Fire Company #1/Facebook
Photo courtesy of Edgewater Fire Company #1/Facebook

Meet Bear.  He is training to be a seizure service dog but apparently he has a wild streak he has to work out. Bear's owner was walking him on the Upper West Side of Manhattan when he wiggled out of his collar and ran into the water.  Days went by and his owner feared the worst and then the Edgewater Fire Department reported a found puppy under a New Jersey Pier hanging out in the cold water.

Bear has had a warm bath, many big meals and lots of hugs to make up for lost time.  I'm thinking he may have gotten his fill of adventure for one winter.  Will you just look at that face?  You can read more about it from UPI's odd news here.

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