If you have gone to a Quest Diagnostics, then your information may have been compromised.

The testing company recently revealed that nearly 12 million customer's information may have been leaked due to a data breach.

According to APP.com, the breach itself did not happen at Quest but happened with, "AMCA which provides services to Optum 360, which provides payment services for Quest."  

AMCA reported unauthorized access to one of their web payment pages and during that time, the hackers took information from both Quest and Optum 360.

Information that was leaked include credit card numbers, bank account information, medical information and personal information which includes social security numbers.

The good news is that Quest is taking this threat very seriously and they have not gone through the AMCA for collection requests.

The company has also alerted the health plans affected by this breach.

Take a look at the original article at APP.com.

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