Veterans Day is this Wednesday and it’s always fantastic to see many New Jersey businesses do what's best for our military vets. The convenience store chain QuickChek raised $109,000 that will benefit military veterans and military families throughout the Garden State. Thanks to a successful golf outing and other fundraiser events, $45,000 of that $109,000 will support Bridging The Gap in Manasquan. This non-profit has one goal in mind and that's to open doors to employers for all veterans or military spouses to discover their career dreams. If you are a veteran looking for a new career or transitioning out of the military, Bridging The Gap can help you! Contact them at 732-948-9309 or check out their website for more information by clicking this link! Bridging The Gap and QuickChek started working together two years ago. QuickChek has hired a half-dozen veterans thanks to the Bridging The Gap program! "We are proud to honor our veterans..." QuickChek Corporate Loss Prevention Manager Lou Linares said in a statement.

QuickChek also wrapped up its in-store fundraiser with Semper Fi & America's Fund and raised $64,000. During the six-week long promotion, many of you might have been asked to purchase paper military boots for $1 at your local QuickChek. The convenience store chain has now raised more than $700,000 in the past six years in support of New Jersey military veterans and their families.

A special thank you to all United States Veterans and military families. You are the reason why we live in the greatest country on this planet! CHEERS! - Jimmy G

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