Middletown reports its third case of feral animal rabies since July 29, this time a fox that got into a tangle with two dogs this past Monday.

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The confrontation took place on Brookline Court at Rolling Knolls Drive, according to health officials, who said that no human interaction was involved and that both dogs were protected by rabies inoculations.

Rabid raccoons were reported July 29 and August 7.

Health Department Director Rich DeBenedetto reiterated the warning that rabies is a potentially fatal disease, and undomesticated animals run a constant risk of contracting it.

He advises keeping pets on leashes outdoors and ensuring that they don't come into contact with feral animals.

Rabid animals characteristically exhibit erratic behavior. Nocturnal beasts roam in daylight hours. They often stagger as though drunk, they're likely to be aggressive, and there might be a telltale foam around the mouth.

Anyone finding a sick or injured animal should call Middletown Animal Control, 732-615-2097, or township police if it's before or after business hours or on weekends.

The township conducts free rabies vaccination clinics for dogs and cats in September.