Well it looks like the influx of tourists haven't scared off the wildlife near the beach in the OG!
For the past few weeks I have been seeing so many photos on social media featuring wildlife...from turkeys to this wily, adorable fox, in Ocean Grove.

Residents who have spotted him have photos all over 'Next Door Ocean Grove" as neighbors come together to try and capture images.

This cute photo shows that the Fox (who hasn't, as far as I know, been given a name yet) is perfectly happy to roam through people's yards! Moe Keane says she has been 'greeted' by him several times.

Of course he is a wild animal so you can't go around petting him, but some of the photos I've seen are stunning...as if the little guy is posing! Some locals think there could be up to 3 foxes. As for name suggestions? The locals have tossed around Grover, Socks, Beachcomber, Nagle, Stokes, Foxy, Fabulous Mr. Fox, Augie, and Volpes (Latin for fox.)

(Photo by Moe Keane)
(Photo by Moe Keane)

And then there's the turkey that was hanging around recently, too! I mean, what ever happened to just seeing Gulls and Horseshoe Crabs at the beach?!


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