If you live for anything and everything pumpkin spice, you're going to love this turkey.

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The food chain HoneyBaked is capitalizing on the pumpkin spice phenomenon, creating a pumpkin spice turkey that becomes available today (through special order), reports Delish.com.

But, pardon the pun, here in lies the 'rub'. HoneyBaked's only local location, and I use the word 'local' very loosely, is in Edison, New Jersey. Now, am I still considering making the drive from South Jersey to get one of these pumpkin spice birds? Yes. Am I going to simply try and recreate this turkey in my own kitchen for Thanksgiving, yes. I don't think the recipe is that inventive that I can't conjure up something similar, but I'm nuts, so I'm probably heading to Edison, lol.

Have you ever created a pumpkin spice turkey, for Thanksgiving or any other time? Let us know how you did it in the comment box below.

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