Getting tested for COVID-19 is about to get a whole lot easier in the Garden State.

It has been announced that the federal government is sending New Jersey 2.6 MILLION rapid coronavirus tests. How rapid? Well, you will be able to get results in just 15 minutes.

These rapid tests involve, "'an easy (swab of the) front lobe of your nose,' and then [that swab is] swiped onto a test that is the size of a credit card."

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Governor Phil Murphy himself has even referred tot his news as, "a game-changer."

Do you think you will give these rapid tests a try?

These rapid tests are going to arrive in chunks and the first 17,000 rapid tests are expected to arrive within the next week or so. This first batch alone will allow tests to be done at double the pace.

According to, tests will first go to New Jersey, "schools and underserved communities, according to Murphy."

These tests cost $5.00 each but luckily, the Federal Government is charging New Jersey one penny to get these tests shipped and put to use.

That's gotta be a first -- the Garden State isn't getting charged for something? Woah!

It sounds like this could be a big step in helping New Jersey continue our path back to normalcy.

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