If you're a fan of the Jersey Shore Family Vacation or Real Housewives of New Jersey than chances are you've seen Gina Marie give a reading. Gina Marie is a spiritual medium who I've been going to for years. I was so excited to see her on RHONJ!  I thought I would share one of my mind-blowing moments from our reading with you. I also caught up with Gina to ask her some questions that I think we all want the answers to AND there's details in here on how YOU can get your reading from Gina Marie too!

Amazing story from my reading:  A few years ago my Aunt says to me, "I went to a spiritual medium and it was amazing...you and me have to go together". My aunt lost her husband, Joe, and I lost my mom and we also shared the loss of other family members too so we were looking for lots of healing and connections. When I tell you that the experience was healing, accurate and emotional in the best way possible that's an understatement. Anyone can give a prediction, but Gina gave messages from the other side that were so advanced that I did not even understand them until a day later. Here's what happened...

My aunt planned a surprise for my birthday.  The day after our reading with Gina Marie, she and another family member were going to meet me in the city to see my favorite thing in world, the Rockefeller Christmas tree and have dinner at Roc Center. The night before they were looking over the online menu and talking about how the white cranberry cocktail looked amazing but how they could not justify spending that kind of money on just one drink! Fast forward to the reading and my aunt's husband comes though and says to us, "go ahead and get that fancy drink, it's a celebration and you guys deserve it." My aunt starts tearing up and I don't know what anyone is talking about because the whole thing is still a surprise. My aunt actually had to ask her husband on the other side to not say anymore or he would ruin the birthday surprise. The next night we ordered a few rounds of our white cranberry cosmo cocktails and toasted Uncle Joe!

Shannon Holly having that fancy drink
Shannon Holly having that fancy drink

After all this RHONJ stuff we had to get Gina Marie on our morning show to ask her all about her experience reading the ladies and here is what she had to say:

I still had more questions about Gina Marie's process so I caught up with her today to ask:

Q: Gina, did you always have the ability to talk to people who have crossed over?
A: I always had some ability. I wasn’t sure what it was. I was very intuitive, and had prophetic dreams. I didn’t realize I was actually communicating with spirit until later in life.

Q: Do you have to exercise your gift like you would have to strengthen your muscles at the gym?
A: Yes you have to work on this ability as if it was a muscle. In order to define a muscle, strengthen it, make it stronger, you work it out. This is the same thing, the more you practice the stronger it will be.

Q: Can you ever shut this ability to talk to the departed off?
A: Yes I am able to shut it off. I think it’s important to have balance in life. I am a mother, wife, daughter, sister and friend. I’ve learned how to turn the switch on when I have clients, and off so I can enjoy my family and friends.

Q: How did you tell your husband that you are a medium when you met him...did he take it well?
A: My husband, Rory and I have been together 30 years. I didn’t know I was a Medium when we met. He thinks the work I do is great. He has been very supportive and has helped me tremendously with the kids and house while I’m away. It’s kind of funny, the guy never did a load of laundry or washed the dishes in his life. He’s a master at all of that now!

Q: We seem to ask our departed loved ones for their advice when we get a reading. Do our loved ones actually know more now that they have crossed over?
A: Our spirit guides know more than we do, and want us to have that information. Our loved ones want us to know they are around us and yes can help us. It’s important for people to know that although you may feel lonely sometimes, you are never alone. Your loved ones are there, cheering you on, wanting you to live a great life.

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Doesn't it make you feel so much better knowing that our loved ones are still connected to us? Gina has helped me have a sense of closure with my family losses and I feel lighter because of it. If you want your own mind blowing reading reach out to her via email: Ginamariespiritualmedium@gmail.com
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