The new year brought some new laws for New Jersey, but it may be some of the old ones you may not know about that could get you in trouble.

In 2017 new laws went into effect for New Jersey involving estate taxes, sales taxes, minimum wage and several other new laws. But it might be some old laws that you might want to read up on.

For example, if you love soup, you may want to pay attention to this law. If you are in New Jersey, it is against the law to slurp your soup in public. Yep. Against the law. Say what you want about the Garden State, but one thing is for sure, we take our soup etiquette seriously.

Here's another one. If you find yourself heading to Bernards Township, you better shake off anything that's bothering you and put a smile on that face. Frowning is actually illegal there, according to

And if you love pickles, you better be prepared to know some things if you want to be a law abiding citizen in Newark. You are not allowed to discard a bad pickle in the street, and it is illegal to eat pickles on Sundays.

Those are some interesting laws. only in New Jersey, right? We urge you to be very careful with your pickles, soup and frowns. Nobody wants to be on the wrong side of the law.


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