Ok so maybe you are like me and kinda tired of hearing bout how New Jersey's best-known food is "pork roll"? ya, I enjoy pork roll once in a while but the way everyone always raves about Jersey and our love for "pork roll" you would think we eat it all the time. Every home is stocked with pounds of pork roll in our refrigerators and our breakfast always starts our day with the sound of pork roll sizzling in the frying pan. Well for me, personally, that is not the case. To Me, pork roll is really salty and kinda "eh".


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The reason I am giving you my two cents is a new article featured by MSN by Stacker and it featured the best food from each state in America. Of course "pork roll" ended up topping the list for New Jersey, but I just think we have better foods we should be known for, besides Taylor Ham.



According to the post "The signature dish for New Jersey is the pork roll sandwich, which includes egg and cheese on a hard roll." I just can't believe that the best we can come up with is pork roll. I decided to put it to you and ask listeners what they think is our signature "New Jersey Dish". These are just some of your replies to this question.

Liz: Jersey tomatoes!

Louise, Bill, Heather, Cheryl, and Pallet Pete: Pizza

Linda: Bagels or Rolls

Les: Ice Cream 

Beverly: Tomatoes or Corn 

Candace: Salt Water Taffy

Ruth: Blueberries

I'll be honest I think maybe Pizza, featuring the famous Jersey Tomato? What do you think of that and steering away from "pork roll". I'd take a pizza any day over "pork roll." Let us know what you think .... can we do better than "pork roll" in New Jersey?


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