In spring training, the Red Sox players grew beards and kept them right through their World Series victory. Now, two of the team's biggest stars have had them shaved for a great cause.

World Series MVP David Ortiz, and his teammate, playoff hero Shane Victorino went to Gillette's Boston headquarters and had their now famous beards shaved to help "The One Fund" which assists victims of the Boston Marathon bombings. Gillette donated $100,000 to the cause.

The Red Sox have been assisting charities helping victims of the bombings since the attacks and Ortiz expressed the team's feelings by saying ,"It was a goal to come in and play hard and finish the season like we did for all the people that were struggling from the marathon, all the family members, the whole New England area that struggled with this and the whole country that struggled with this", according to

It's another example of professional sports using their huge stage to assist their communities and people in need.