The world has been buzzing nonstop about clowns in sewers, red balloons, and of course, the gorgeous man, Bill Skarsgard, that plays Pennywise.

Well now prepare yourselves because come September 6, 2019, Pennywise will be back for a second time around. This is not a humongous shocker because directors have made it known from the start that their vision was to break up the Stephen King novel into two separate films. After the first "IT" movie broke records by making $123 million at the box office, it is no surprise that a sequel is already in the works.

So here is what we know so far....

Gary Dauberman, who was one of the writers for the first "IT" movie is already on board to take part in the second.

The film is set to take place 27 years later. This means that adult and more well-known actors could be cast for the sequel. However, writers have already made it known that there will be flashbacks to the younger cast.

Bill Skarsgard will be cast as Pennywise once again. Bill has said that he is hoping that his character can have more focus on the "abstract and metaphysical" this time around.

Pennywise's origin might finally be explained.

I saw the first movie, and I definitely think that there is a good set up for the sequel. The entire movie was about this group of outcasts overcoming their worst fears. However, Pennywise's would come out victorious if any of his victims were not ready to confront what they were most terrified of.

So the question is, "Did these kids actually overcome their fears to the point that when they must face Pennywise again, they will prevail?"

....Time will only tell.

Check out more information on the upcoming sequel here.

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