If you're also part of the unfortunate "never had a swimming pool during NJ's humid Summers club" here's a solution I bet you didn't know about.

Did you know you can rent a private swimming pool? Yeah, there's an app called Swimply that our friends at sister station 107.9 Lite FM told me about. Using it is pretty easy - just plug in your location (I did Jersey Shore, NJ) you can specify when you'd like to rent and for how long. and search! Then your screen will fill with results of crystal clear, inviting, local pools.

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If you're lucky enough to have a swimming pool, but you want in on the action too, you can host your space on Swimply and make some cash that way! Seems like a win-win for everyone.

If you're currently sweating just reading this, and need to cool down ASAP - fear not. I've put together the most relaxing pools you can rent right here at the Jersey Shore. It'll be like going on vacation sans the annoying parts.

H/T: Mix 107.9 Lite FM - Boise, Idaho

Beat the Jersey Shore Humidity By Renting One of These Relaxing Pools

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