If you're one of those parents who has taught your kids to be polite and well-behaved in a restaurant, you're in luck...that hard work could finally pay off -- literally!

A Washington family of 5 (including an infant!) went to an Italian restaurant, and were so impressed by the childrens' behavior, that the family was given a 'well-behaved kids' discount, and the kids got free ice cream!

Mom Laura was so shocked by the restaurant's move that she posted a picture of the receipt on Facebook. It has since gone viral.

well behaved kids discount
Laura King, Reddit

Obviously, (most) parents try to make sure their kids behave in a restaurant, and the occasional meltdown is for the most part unavoidable...but I think this was a great move by the restaurant.

Perhaps if more places did this, all parents would be more motivated to keep an eye on the little ones in a nice restaurant.

Do you have any stories (good or bad) about kids in restaurants? Share them in the comment section below!

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