When it comes to the choosing between the Garden State Parkway or the New Jersey Turnpike, many Jersey Shore residents had no problem choosing.

It was an informal poll, and it all started over the weekend when I had to make the trek from Point Pleasant to Secaucus Junction and had to drive on both roads back to back. To my surprise, the worst of the drivers and the worst of the driving, for me, was on the Parkway.

That surprised me, because I spend much more time on the Parkway and I try to avoid the Turnpike whenever possible, but this weekend had me thinking I may have been avoiding the wrong road all these years.

So I asked around, in person and on social media, and as it turns out, according to the Jersey Shore residents who responded to the questions, my change of heart this weekend was ill advised.

The vast majority of Jersey Shore residents said that they would take the Parkway over the Turnpike any day of the week (around 80%). The Parkway is of course the road we curse out on a daily basis, right?

Is it the 'better the devil you know' thing going on here? it's very possible since over 90% of responders said they use the Parkway more frequently.

Some of the reasons for the avoidance of the Turnpike include but, as they say, are not limited to, the traffic jams, all the trucks, and the airport. just over 60% said drivers on the Parkway are more courteous.

Yep, I said more courteous and Parkway in the same sentence. What universe did I wake up in this morning? Do Shore residents dislike the Turnpike so much that it actually makes them like the Parkway? It seems so.

For the record Turnpike lovers list the summer traffic, rush hour traffic and the fact that it seems to take just one disabled vehicle to bring the Parkway to a complete stop, as reasons for avoiding the Parkway.

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