No one has to tell you that there is a lot of money floating around in many parts of New Jersey, and when you hear about the richest small town in the Garden State, your jaw will drop just a little bit.

Some areas of the Garden State are pretty much floating in money, and some of those areas are certainly in Somerset County, and the experts at Go Banking Rates have identified one town there as the richest small town in the Garden State.

Which Town Is The Richest In New Jersey?

This amazing little hamlet is a place called Lyons, a section of Bernards Township in Somerset County, and if you look at the median income there, you will understand why. That number sits at $245,226.

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That is an extremely impressive number. So much so, that it stands at the 5th highest median income on the list. That’s a lot of money to be tossing around, even in New Jersey.

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There are plenty of other wealthy towns all over the Garden State like Rumson, Chatham, and Short Hills, but according to this data, no small town ranks in New Jersey higher than Lyons.

Where Is The Richest Town In America?

The small town that is ranked the highest on the list is Orinda. California, which has a median income of nearly a quarter of a million dollars.

With the prices of everything in New Jersey, the money doesn't go as far as other places, but it certainly wouldn't be bad to try life at that median income, would it?

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