A new track by Richie Sambora is honoring both firefighers from 9/11 and those affrected by the boardwalk fire in Seaside Heights and Seaside Park.

Richie Sambora
Richie Sambora (Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Global Philanthropy Group)

“With deepest compassion, Bernie Taupin and I wrote (Engine 19)  dedicated to victims families and heroes of 9/11,” tweeted Sambora, who remains estranged from Bon Jovi.

The ballad is about the sacrifice and sadness that goes with the pride of being a firefighther

We are boys from New York
Doing our Job
There’s times we get hurt
There’s those that we’ve lost
In the fire and the smoke
From the roof caving in
When there’s one less comes out
From Engine 19

The song was released on Wednesday, September 11, the day before the Seaside boardwalk fire that destroyed a 5-block stretch of the boardwalk. 400 firefighers from around New Jersey responded to the 10-alarm blaze.

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