What do you do when you have money to burn and a precious family heirloom to ruin?

Bling out your iPhone, of course!

A Hong Kong businessman contacted Stuart Hughes, who I'm sure would make a gold baby if he could, to make the 'world's most expensive smartphone.'

This over-the-top iPhone 5 is made of solid gold, with 600 white diamonds coating the edges of the phone, and an additional 54 diamonds inside the Apple logo on the back.


Clearly that's not enough, so why not add a rare 26-carat black diamond that has been in the family for generations as the home button?

I'd hate to be the one to lose THAT.

The price tag for this flashy cell? $15 million.


I wonder if that includes the data plan...


Also, does anyone else think it's sort of ugly? Maybe it's just because white gold is more my style...or because THERE IS NO REASON TO HAVE A SOLID GOLD IPHONE. Especially because there will probably be a NEW iPhone in four minutes, and then what do you do?

In any case, if you have some money to burn (tax refund time!) you can get a basic gold iPhone for about $3500, or upgrade to the rose gold for $4500. Also, if you have the money for that kind of thing...adopt me.

What's the most extravagant thing you would get if money was no object? Tell us in the comment section below!