I would like to think that the world is slowly becoming a more inclusive and accepting place for people from all walks of life...and I feel like this story is the perfect example.

Tony Rivoli (former owner of the well-known restaurant, Rivoli's) has been working tirelessly to open the new restaurant, Riv's Toms River Hub on Hooper Avenue.

One of the hub's features will make you smile: a sensory-friendly dining room which is being given the official title of: "Chase's Friends Zone." (According to APP.com, Chase is a young boy with Autism who helped to inspire this amazing idea)

The room will hopefully be ready by early November and will seat up to 45 people.

The sensory friendly room t will be the perfect setting for any family or group of people who have sensory issues or other special needs because there will be sensory-friendly visual menus, soothing lighting, iPads, and a bean-bag "chill area" in the corner etc.

This is the best part: all of the servers will be sensory certified by KultureCity who is, "a nonprofit that specializes in inclusion for people with autism." 

Rivoli also stated he will hire people with special needs for some of the less stressful positions such as busing tables.

Sensory-friendly areas are slowly becoming more and more popular at the Jersey Shore but I think it needs to become a much more common thing.

People with autism and other issues where sensory-overload is a very real struggle deserve the right to go out and socialize in an environment that they can handle.

A job well done to Mr. Rivoli. This new room in RIv's Toms River Hub is an amazing addition and I can't wait to see the final product.

For more information, head to APP.com.

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