Rook recently released a limited cold brew flavor that took the Shore by storm: Mocha Style. Are you ready for their latest creation?

Rook Coffee announced their latest Limited Cold Brew Coffee: Cinnamon Vanilla Style.

According to the roasters, Cinnamon Vanilla Style Cold Brew is all-natural, made with fresh, dark roasted cold brew coffee infused with organic vanilla extract and ground cinnamon. They suggest that it be served with dairy or a non-dairy alternative, which brings out a rich and creamy flavor that Rook says is very similar to a cinnamon bun or the milk at the bottom of a popular variety of cinnamon toast cereal.

In addition to Cinnamon Vanilla Style, Mocha Style Cold Brew and a seasonal Berry Tea are also special menu items currently available.

You can get your Cinnamon Vanilla Style Cold Brew by the cup starting Wednesday, May 2 at all Rook Coffee locations, but only for a limited time.

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