Ah, Route 70 - it's part of the daily commute for many of us here in Ocean County (including myself). And if you're taking the long drive down it daily, you know it can get backed up at the points where there's only one lane.

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When you're trying to get to work in the morning (or home after a long day), nothing's worse than getting stuck behind a driver that isn't going the speed limit. That's not a knock on our slower drivers - it's just difficult when you're on a one-lane road, and there's no second lane to safely switch to in order to get around them. It's enough to make you want to scream (not that I've ever done that...)


Now, you can switch lanes when the line that divides opposite directions of traffic is broken. But is that the safest option? I don't know about you, but I've seen so many almost-accidents happen because of this. People end up driving way over the speed limit just to get around the person in front of them. There has got to be a better solution.

Now as I've mentioned in the past, I'm no road planner (and probably for a good reason). But I think the parts of Route 70 that only have a single lane (like in Manchester) should be expanded. It'd cut down on the backup, and people pulling risky maneuvers to get around others.

But, let's face it - that'll cost money and the road work to get it done will cause even more traffic. If this were a perfect world, and it could easily be done, would you want to see more lanes on Route 70?

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