Have you ever heard of Royal Farms?

Well apparently, this chain is a "super" version of convenience stores with their fresh design, affordable fuel prices, and signature fried chicken.

If you like fried chicken, I got good news because one is going to be built in Brick!

The addition is going to be built at one of the busiest intersections in town, at Route 70 and Route 88 where the Jersey Paddler building currently resides!

The best part is that it sounds like Royal Farms will solely lure in those passing by for business but should not increase traffic by anything substantially noticeable and the landscaping may even include a few new sidewalks.

The store will employ 40 to 50 people with about 70 percent being part-time and 30 percent being full-time employees. There will also be 17 security cameras running at all times and representatives have commented that they will attempt to leave no blind spots.

There has been no specific timeline set for the start and finish of this project but to take a closer look of how the predicted landscape set-up, head to BrickShoreBeat.com.

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