Yum! Getting hungry just writing this article. Who doesn't love a good hot dog? Well, I guess there may be those who do not, but I love a good hot dog and there is one place in Jersey that is getting national recognition for their take on the classic Italian hot dog.


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In a recent article from Mashed they gave us a post on where's the best place to get a hot dog in America. They gave each state's pick and of course, we are focusing on right here in the Garden State.


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In the Mashed post, they picked one hot dog place and it's in Hudson County. The article named Jimmy Buff's as the best place to get a hot dog in New Jersey. "Jimmy Buff's was established in 1932 in West Orange, and they serve up Italian-style hot dogs, which are slightly different in look but just as tasty as the rest. 
Instead of regular hot dog buns, these franks are served in a half-moon-shaped bun and then loaded with mustard, peppers, onions, and fried potatoes."



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Congratulations to Jimmy Buff's for making this national list and how good does an Italian hot dog sound right now? I'd love to hear where YOU go LOCALLY for a great hot dog and/or a fabulous Italian hot dog? Let me know your recommendations and post them below.

For the record, my favorite is a regular dog with mustard, sauerkraut, and chili...pure heaven on a bun :)


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