Highpoint Stadium at Rutgers University is no longer....

Rutgers just recently announced that they sold the naming rights to their massive football stadium and it will now be called SHI Stadium for the Scarlet Knights' 2019 season.

This new stadium name is due to Rutger's newfound partnership with SHI International Corp., a Piscataway-based technology services provider.

Asbury Park Press reporter, Ella Brockway explained some of the perks Rutgers will be receiving from the new business deal.

"[SHI] is expected to more than double what [Rutgers was] receiving during their partnership with Highpoint," Brockway said. "[This deal] will put [Rutgers] more on par with what other Power 5 schools are receiving from these kind of deals."

Rutgers Athletic Direct, Patt Hobbs, also weighed in on the name change of Rutgers Stadium and highlights that this business deal is a win-win for all.

"The fact that a company of this stature of SHI wants to be a part of our story as we go forward says that they see what we see and that is that we are building great programs," Hobbs said. "We are going to have a lot of success in the future as they continue to have their success. [This partnership] makes a lot of sense and it will have an enormous impact."

Okay....now that is pointed out....

Take a look at the original articles at APP.com and NJ.com.

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