It looks like it is time to limit your salt intake.

A high-salt diet has various health risks: high blood pressure, swollen feet and hands, thickening of the heart muscle which could result in dysfunction over time and congestive heart failure.

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But now researchers just discovered another risk that will make you want to pay attention to your salt intake starting like yesterday.

High amounts of salt can actually diminish your body's immunity which is a nightmare of a thought to have while we are in the middle of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

This came from research conducted by the University Hospital Bonn who ran tests in mice and people.

According to, "Mice fed a high-salt diet were found to suffer from much more severe bacterial infections. Human volunteers who consumed an additional six grams of salt per day also showed pronounced immune deficiencies." 

Just to put it in perspective, six grams of salt correlates to just two fast food meals. Yes, that is the additional amount of salt test subjects were given that resulted in a lower immunity.

But don't panic just yet.

In the description, it says you that mice were more prone to contract bacterial infections which is a completely different animal than a virus like COVID-19.

Bacterial: It can be fought with an antibiotic.

Viral: An organism that can only replicate inside of a living thing that cannot be treated with medicine. It just has to pass on its own.

However, whether it is viral or bacterial, it is better to be safe rather than sorry. Right? Because for the human test subject, there was just a lower immunity overall.

Immunity is immunity and the stronger your immune system, the better chance you have to fight ANY infection.

Good luck and remember, "DON'T pass the salt."

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