I'm sorry but if you don't like brunch, I'm judging you.

And what is there not to like?

You get to sleep in until you please.

Then you spend the first part of your day eating killer breakfast food, sipping on mimosas or Bloody Mary's and those of us who are true brunchers also enjoy getting dressed up.

But that is all put on hold for now....or is it?

Thanks to Sami's Street Food in Asbury Park, you can still enjoy a delicious brunch...just at home!

Here is what you have to do:

Call Sami's at (732) 825-8411 and place your order by 3:00 PM on Friday, March 20th.

These brunch boxes look sick!

They are $65 each and serves 2 to 4 people. They include baklava pancakes, scrambled eggs, bacon or turkey sausage, toast, assorted baked goods and grapefruit rose juice for all that liquor that you have stocked up.

Then just let them know if you plan on picking up on Saturday or Sunday.

This is a genius idea and one of the first brunch-like one I have seen so far.

So enjoy your brunch. Indulge in mimosas because we all know we are not going anywhere. And don't forget to continue to order out to support local businesses.

Take a look at Sami's Street Food's original Facebook Post.

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