Sometimes.....reading about and seeing a feel-good story is all you really need to get your day started off right!

This past Wednesday morning, there were a few sanitation workers working their route out in Keansburg that decided they just couldn't hold it in anymore and HAD to bust a move.

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And luckily, it was all caught on camera thanks to a nearby security camera that recorded the picturesque moment.

The song you see the guys dancing to is "Cupid Shuffle" by Cupid -- GREAT song choice, by the way -- that is being played off a boom box that is zip tied to the garbage truck. Smart way to brighten up the work day.

These guys usually roll through this area of Keansburg around 9 AM on garbage pick up days.

Can you imagine how good of a mood booster that would be to see as you were leaving for work? Hey...maybe you would even join in for a dance move or two.

I personally thought that this video was super important to share.

There is a lot of chaos and uncertainty right now in the world but this video is living proof that it is all about your attitude and not what you are doing.

I also just want to take this time to thank all of our sanitation workers that have continued to work through the COVID-19 pandemic to make sure things still continue to operate smoothly.

So thank you.

Keep dancing guys!

Take a look at the original video on's Youtube Channel.

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