I cannot believe this is something I witness almost every day on our New Jersey roadways.

What is even more shocking about what I witnessed, is where I witnessed this.

It is all about location because it is extremely dangerous for this type of activity.  Why is it dangerous?  Because our children are there, or at least close by.

I travel the same road day in and day out.  In the early morning, there are two stretches of roadways where I hit a school zone.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Usually, you can see the flashing lights from a distance, so I do the responsible thing and start slowing down.

What happens next, almost daily, baffles me.

As I am slowing down to 25 miles per hour (which is the speed for school zones in New Jersey) cars will move into the next lane to pass me.

Lucas Van Oort, Unsplash
Lucas Van Oort, Unsplash

Meaning, that they are not slowing down at all.  As I’m doing 25 miles per hour, there are cars speeding by me.

It’s kind of crazy to me and I think the same thing all the time, “did they miss the activated school zone sign?”

It’s also surprising that starring down a couple of hundred-dollar fines isn’t a deterrent.  The one thing that should be a deterrent, but it isn’t, is the fact that school kids are trying to cross, getting off the bus, and getting dropped off within a few feet of cars speeding by.

The one school zone I pass through, daily, is a very small school, located in a very small community.

Every day, I witness cars speeding down 35 while the school zone (and 25 mph limit) is activated.

Being a father of two little ones, thankfully, on many levels right now, not in school yet, this makes me a little worried for their school years coming up.

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Slow down.

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