We have heard stories of ghosts and Jersey Devil sightings for years in the Garden State, but if you hear stories about little green aliens, one cosmologist said you might not want to buy into it.

The man behind the theory is Fergus Simpson, and he's not saying there are or aren't aliens visiting the Earth, he's just saying if you see one, the odds are that it will be about 650 lbs.

The concept, reported at msn.com,  uses the assumption that all worlds follow the same rules of conservation of energy that applies here on Earth.  If his theory is correct, the average alien would be more than three times the weight of the average human.

Aliens and Cave Men

I'm adding this to the theory. If all that turns out to be true, we may be better off running when wee see one (like I need to tell you that). My theory relies on the fact that we'd have a better chance outrunning them than wrestling them. Maybe we're not bigger than them, but hopefully we're faster. Doesn't that make you feel better?



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