Ice cream....on demand?! This is a dream that is about to become a reality.

Let me introduce to you the Scream Truck, an ice cream truck that is bringing you your favorite dairy treats "on demand."

Here is how it works:

You register your address and phone number on the Scream Truck website.

You will then receive a text message guesstimating when the ice cream truck will arrive on your street.

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If you reply to the message with a "Y" (for yes, duh), then your address gets plugged into the ice cream truck's software and the technology puts together the most efficient route for the truck to take to stop by all ice cream requesters.

You can track the ice cream truck in real time and you will even be given a warning ten minutes ahead of time so you can be outside and ready to order.

You can wave down the Scream Truck to get ice cream last minute but you will be encouraged to schedule a reservation in the future.

It is estimated that this new system will be able to serve up to 12 houses per hour.

The goal of this new ice cream truck system: to personalize the experience that much more.

“The end goal of this truck and concept is to personalize the experience for everyone,” said Eric Murphy, Scream Truck's owner and founder. “At the end of the day, in a couple years, we’re hoping that when we pull up to someone’s house, it’s playing the music you want to hear, it knows the last five things you’ve ordered and displays them on our LED screens. We’re giving you the whole personalized experience at every single stop.”

As far as menu items, it sounds like Murphy is prepared to come with a plethora of options that will cater to kids, teens and even adults.

“We’re going to have a few really premium sundaes on the truck that will be appealing more to adults,” he said. “Having that premium experience and those premium ingredients I think are going to be a real differentiator. And you don’t have to go that route. You can just get a plain vanilla cone with traditional sprinkles. It’s not that you can’t get the standard stuff, we thought it would be great to have elevated options.”

And yes, the ice cream truck will be thoroughly sanitized regularly and there will be no cross contamination of common allergy items such as peanuts or peanut butter.

Starting August 15th, this type of ice cream truck is going to be tested in Westfield, New Jersey with hopes that it will expand to other New Jersey locations as 2020 progresses....hopefully.

Sign ups for Westfield, NJ became available as of June 23rd and over 800 houses have already signed up so this idea is looking pretty promising so far!

But here is a hint: CLICK HERE and sign up now and if we get enough people to show they are interested, we could get these "on demand" ice cream trucks could come to the Jersey Shore area sooner rather than later.

Take a look at this cool new idea at

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