This is a message for all you sea gull hating Jersey Shore beach goers. Let’s stop this insanity and give these beautiful creatures a second chance. I have heard seagulls referred to as the “rats of the beach” and other horribly unfair name.

Why do so many people hate seagulls? I say we start a campaign to restore love to these birds of the beach and erase all this misguided hate.

Did you know that the presence of seagulls deter sharks from the area? Well, that’s not even remotely true, but wouldn’t that be awesome?

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And what about the fact that seagulls are nature’s mosquito and gnat exterminators? Also not true, but if it were it would definitely bolster my case.

Or how about the scientific fact that when seagulls steal French fries and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, they fly them directly to needy families in our area? Yep, fake news too, but how cool would that be if it were true?

But here’s what is true. The unmistakable song of the seagull brings your mind to one and only one place. And that is that beautiful beach you love so much. Just close your eyes and imagine it. Waves crashing, sun rising and sea gulls singing. Now how could you not love any part of that.

If you want to be angry at any seagull topic, be angry at the grown ups who feed them on a crowded beach and should know better. That’s where the real problem lies.

So can’t we stop giving a hard time to the adorable seagulls? You can always by another order of fries.

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