MTV's The Jersey Shore may not be filmed in Seaside Heights anymore, but the negative impacts on the Jersey Shore town lives on.

In an attempt to bring, "a greater diversity of fun activities," and to turn Seaside Heights into a more family-friendly destination, a new bill has been unanimously passed that bans bars, nightclubs and amusement rides on the northern end of the boardwalk between Sheridan and Hiering Avenues.

"We are not the place of MTV and all that nonsense," said resident, Peter Carlino. "That gave us a lot of notoriety as the scum of the Shore towns."

Local bars and restaurants within that stretch of the boardwalk will also have other restrictions: restaurants are limited to only "15 seats or 15% of their dining space" to be used for a bar area, restaurants are limited to 5,000 square feet, they can't have live music and they must close by midnight.


Mayor Anthony Vaz said that the goal of this major change is to, "preserve the quality of life for residents in the quieter northern end of town."

However, owners of the boardwalk businesses affected are worried that these new rules will devalue their businesses and properties. Plus, these stricter rules may result in a loss of business overall.

"In the stroke of a pen, my properties are going to be devalued," said Shake Shoppe Arcade owner Patty Hershey, who had planned to improve the restaurant at her arcade or bring in an outside restaurateur to operate an eatery. "It's not just unfair, it's not right. Everybody should be applying the same rules to the entire boardwalk."

The idea was suggested to put this change into affect throughout the entire boardwalk.

Clearly the town is trying to undo their "bar atmosphere" reputation that was exemplified by the Jersey Shore cast but too many restrictions at once will just burn the town out all together.

No, you may not have the exact clientele or vibe that you want. But is scaring away the only business you have really the answer?

There are a lot of details involved with this story including responses from Seaside Heights bar owners and other residents at

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