Picture this: My sisters, my parents and I are all gathered around the kitchen table playing UNO during the holidays.

One sister puts down a +2 card and then the other sister tries to stack a +2 card on top....and the Murray family goes wild with one of the most intense card game debates I have ever seen in my life.

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Uno did address this game rule back in 2019 but I figure it is best to reiterate just so everyone has all the facts.

Real quick: For those who are not familiar, if you stack a +2 on top of a +2 card, the following player is supposed to draw 4. If you stack +4 on top of another +4, they draw 8. So it can get intense very quickly.

But I do suggest you at least TRY playing a game or two using this stacking rule because in my opinion, it does crank things up a notch.

Or....it will start World War 3 like it did in the Murray house over the holidays.

All is fair in love and card games.

Or just play using your own rules because really, who is going to stop you?

Take a look at this original announcement HERE.

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