Those of us at the Jersey Shore look to save a buck WHENEVER we can.

Well here is our next opportunity....

Seaside Heights is offering an end-of-summer "Get To The Beach" early bird special from now through August 29th.

If you head to the beach Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, make sure to arrive at the cashier booth between 9:00 AM and 11:00 AM to purchase adult wristbands (12 years and older) for just $4.00!

FYI: That is 50% off the original price but just remember the discount can only be applied when you pay with cash and it is not available through the Viply smartphone app.

There are also parking discounts! Between 9:00 AM to 1:00 AM, parking is half the price at 1400 Ocean Terrace, 16 Hamilton Ave and 9 Ocean Terrace.

You can also simply pay $5 to park at 715 Blvd.

And the chance to save is not done yet.

You can also get a beach chair and umbrellas for half the rental price at Hancock Ave, Blaine Ave, Sumner Ave and Franklin Ave Beach.

A few other promotions coming up is on August 13th for Dad & Me Day and August 20th is Bring a Friend Day.

Keep in mind that military service men and women, veterans, and their spouses and children can get onto the beach for free every day in Seaside Heights.

For more information on Seaside Heights Early Bird Specials, click HERE.

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