Last Summer, we told you about the Wonder Bar bartender, Lisa Cramp, who was working to raise money for a very kind-hearted cause.

Cramp started a GoFundMe Page to raise money to purchase beach badges for those that are less fortunate and cannot afford them on their own.

"Asbury Park has now become two separate communities; you know, people who can afford the beach and those who can't," said Cramp back in 2018. "I think the beach should be free for everyone."

Last Summer, the page raised just under $10,000 but now, we have another update.

Community members have donated nearly $21,000 all of which will go towards helping families to get access to the Jersey Shore beaches.

Don't let that large number intimidate you from donating! Even just a few dollars will make a difference. To donate, click HERE.

Lisa started fundraising after she noticed a swarm of families that would head to the beaches after lifeguards went off-duty to try and save a few extra bucks.

However, Lisa saw this situation as a dangerous situation because families would be swimming in rough waters without supervision of a trained professional.

This is definitely an amazing cause but I have to wonder that if a fundraiser is needed for our very own Jersey Shore residents to afford to go to the beach, then maybe the system and prices need to be adjusted.

Those families must feel so excluded and that is not what the Jersey Shore is all about.

EVERYONE, no matter their financial situation, should be able to enjoy the beach when they please.

Check out the article with the update on this fundraiser at

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