SEASIDE HEIGHTS — A street fight caught on camera over the weekend was further proof that just because the summer is over, the action doesn't stop for this Jersey Shore town.

Reddit user Jstarndmname posted video of the brawl on Saturday, and said the fight happened around 2 a.m. outside JR's Ocean Bar and Grill near the intersection of Ocean Terrace and Sumner Ave. He told New Jersey 101.5 that the noise from the fight brought people outside the bar to watch.

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Street fight in Seaside last night from r/newjersey

The music blaring from the bar makes almost anything else inaudible, but the video shows the fight involved both men and women. Several people can be seen fighting at various times, with punches and kicks being thrown and even some grappling on the street. One of the people involved appeared to lose a shoe at one point during the altercation.

Jstarndmname told New Jersey 101.5 cooler heads appeared to prevail eventually as the people involved all walked away from the scene. He said there was no police presence at the scene of the fight, even after the combatants left.

A message seeking comment from the Seaside Heights Police Department seeking comment on the fight was not returned as of Sunday afternoon.

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