When events unfolded in Seaside Park, Chelsea and Elizabeth and all over the country over the past few days, we once again saw first responders heading toward potential danger to keep us safe.

The men and women who are the first responders in our area, and all over the country, go to work each day never knowing what crisis they will face at any given moment. They must be prepared for anything each and every day, and so do their families and loved ones.

In many ways, it unfortunately takes incidents like the ones we endured this weekend to shed a light on the heroism that is all around us each day.  So today, I wanted to pay tribute to the firemen and firewomen, police officers, EMT and all the other brave men and women we rely on to help us and keep us safe on a daily basis.

I, for one, never want to take them for granted, and I want all first reponders to know that I could never put into words the respect and appreciation I have for you and the work you do for me and all of us.

Please learn about a great program that highlights charity and community events organized by our wonderful law enforcement organizations called Huddle For Heroes.    

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