Some aren't willing to donate blood, let alone bone marrow. A NJ teacher is getting praise after being a donor twice.

Michael Smircich is a biology teacher at Seton Hall Prep. When he was attending the University of New Haven, he put himself on the 'Be The Match' bone marrow registry.

Life goes on, and out of nowhere, Michael was contacted by the registry six years later saying he was a match for a 23-year-old man in Germany suffering from Non-Hodgkins lymphoma.

We all make quick decisions in college. It would have been easy for Michael to back out, but he told NJ Advanced Media that "if I make a commitment, I’m in."

He was true to his word as he not only donated bone marrow to his international friend once but twice.

It's worth noting that donating bone marrow is a much more complicated process than giving blood or even platelets. This is a rough process that occurs over four days and includes injections.

The sacrifice that Michael made gave the donor in Germany an extra nine months of life.

For more information on being a bone marrow donor, learn more about 'Be The Match.'

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