A 7 foot great white shark was caught just ONE MILE from Seaside Heights!  I know what you're thinking...ummmm...I just walked for a mile after dinner last night. A mile takes less than a minute in a car...a mile is...you know, CLOSE.  There are thousands of sharks migrating north along the coast right now and I've got receipts.

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A group of fishermen caught a juvenile great white shark about a mile off the coast of Seaside Heights this past Sunday. You can see a photo of the big moment here and this is the video of the catch...

Ocearch says there are THOUSANDS of great white sharks currently passing through the east coast to migrate north...they're coming through in our waters to get there! Anyone ready for a dip?

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Also, just four days ago another great white shark named Martha pinged off the coast of Wall. She's a 7 foot, 184-pound great white. New Jersey, New York, and Cape Cod are currently filled with thousands of sharks migrating north. If you want to see for yourself, just head to Ocearch and select "recent pings" and you'll see em' all!  I'm talking 12 footers that weight just shy of a thousand pounds!

Apparently the sharks are getting their fill of dog fish, seals...basically they are feeding their blubber craving. Honestly, they are just trying to get food for energy to get the heck outta here and to be fair, attacks are super unlikely BUT you are taking a risk every single time you go into the ocean. I should share this though...I distinctly remember my parents telling me not to worry when I wanted to swim in the ocean...in fact the sentence "awww don't worry about it, they're like a hundred miles out there" actually came out of their mouths.  ONE mile. Not a hundred, ONE.  Be aware is all I'm sayin'!

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